Does Chrome publish a list of hidden URLs under the chrome: schema, such as, chrome://memory-internals? What else is available in that schema?


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Many of them seem to be undocumented and not listed in chrome://chrome-urls such as chrome://interstitials/ssl. You can find the complete list in the source code, under chrome/browser/ui/webui/chrome_url_data_manager_browsertest.cc. However, most of these are only enabled on some specific compilations of Chrome, such as Windows only, Linux only, or ChromeOS only specific builds.

  • The list in the mentioned source might not be complete since a source comment states "Non-exhaustive list of chrome:// URLs" Sep 1 at 13:31

You can also find clickable ones here: chrome://chrome-urls, whichever are available in your build. Not all seem to be there though.

There's also a separate For Debug category at the bottom which includes some URLs like chrome://kill. They can be found here in source code.

  • Are URLs like chrome://chrome-urls clickable if we don't put them in code formatting? Nope, not by default, and even [text](link) doesn't work: [chrome://chrome-urls](chrome://chrome-urls). Oh well. Aug 30 at 20:21
  • @PeterCordes they get changed to chrome// without : for some reason.
    – Destroy666
    Aug 30 at 20:24
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    Maybe it's a good thing that web pages can't send you to such pages since they can make browsers follow links without user interaction, especially via Javascript. Aug 30 at 20:25

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