I was using OneDrive and I have uninstalled it.

After having uninstalled it an E:\ drive appeared but I cannot access it:

enter image description here

Load key from USB drive
A valid USB key wasn't detected 

Is there any way I can access or mount that drive?

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  • If like me you have deleted OneDrive and you think you have lost the whole content of the Personal Vault.
  • If you think there is no way to access that E:\ drive partition which is probably a virtual drive.
  • If you are in despair because you didn't take a backup and you don't have your BitLocker Recovery Key and there is no way to bypass BitLocker encryption.

Look no further...

Just go to System Restore and go back to a previous version of your Windows OS where OneDrive was still installed:

enter image description here

And you will be able to access the Private Vault just entering your Windows PIN as usual.

All my files where still there.

I'm so happy I wrote a post about it.

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