I am trying to connect to virtual servers through VPN router(RTX1210) and L3SW(AX3630-s) all settings are the same as previous VPN router(RTX1200) but routers mtu was set at 1280 [Connection timed out] i changed the mtu of VPN router to 1400 [connection is stable but load time is long and not really usable]

What might be affecting them ?

  • Have you done any research? What else have you tried so far?
    – Albin
    Sep 27 at 17:25
  • Thank you for asking above question has been resolved
    – TMunkh
    Sep 29 at 0:11

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The RTX1210s Firmware revision was not updated(was stuck at first firmware revision) After updating the Firmware to the latest one i was able to smoothly integrate the previous settings and was able to have a stable and fast connection.

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