For quite some time now I have this annoying Recommended section pop up in my search (when clicking the search bar), suggesting me to try out "the new Bing" with "Your AI-powered copilot":

Part of the search showing a recommended section suggesting trying out "the new Bing" with "Your AI-powered copilot"

I can close this thing all I want, it will return within the next 5 boots and take up space that I'd rather see used with my Recent items because I start those quite frequently.

There is another variant of this as well that tries to ram Edge down my throat and takes up the same space.

How can I permanently remove these ads from my search?


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Two possible options exist, depending on how thorough you want to be.

Firstly it is possible to disable copilot by creating a couple of registry entries. I have created a .reg file to add these registry entries, it is as follows:




This is documented all over the web, just search for "Disable Windows Copilot" and all sorts of references to these registry entries will show up.

Secondly there is also a "take off and nuke the entire site from orbit" option. I just recently worked this out for myself, based on information I'd found regarding the removal of other unwanted aps that couldn't be removed via the "apps" page of Settings.

Disclaimer. I have only done this to one system of mine so far, and it has not yet been extensively tested to determine if anything will break as a result. Use at your own risk.

Open a powershell console as administrator and type the following:

get-appxpackage *copilot*

Notice that it prints details of the Windows AI Copilot Provider. If you then type:

get-appxpackage *copilot* | remove-appxpackage

This will cause the Copilot AppxPackage to be removed from your system. Typing the first command again will now produce no output.

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