I used to have both windows vista and ubuntu 10.04 on my laptop and i could choose which one to start at start up. But now I only have ubuntu 10,04 on my laptop and because there is only one operating system on my laptop the grub window doesn't show up. I need it because sometimes I need to start my ubuntu in recovery mode with no graphics, I checked and grub is already installed, how can I activate it at start up ?

( by the way : I have grub2 )

Thanks in advance


The menu will appear if you press Shift when grub is loaded. By default you have 10 seconds.

If you want to always see the menu, edit /etc/default/grub. The settings are documented on the Ubuntu website. You may want to:

  • Set GRUB_HIDDEN_TIMEOUT_QUIET=false so that Grub shows a countdown to the automatic boot. Press Shift during the countdown to make the menu appear.

  • Set GRUB_HIDDEN_TIMEOUT= (nothing after the equal sign) to always display the menu.

  • Change the setting for GRUB_TIMEOUT=10 (number of seconds before the automatic boot). The value -1 means that there will be no automatic boot.

Note that spaces are not allowed on either side of the equal sign.

You need to run the update-grub command for the settings to take effect.

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or you can just hit [shift] during boot when you need to choose boot options so you dont have to worry about it the rest of the time

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