I have been using the same PIN code for Windows 11 for a long time. Recently I connected my machine to a work-account. I tried to log in with my PIN code, but I got a message that I had to change my PIN Code; it needs to be 6 characters longer.

I technically didn't need to be connected to the work account, so I disconnected it from Windows in the Settings app.

I rebooted, but my PC says I still need to change my PIN code to 6 characters.

I checked gpedit.msc and followed this blog post but all settings are set to Not configured.

I don't want to have to change my pincode, especially now that my machine isn't connected to any Azure AD joined organisations.

How can I make this message go away?

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Most likely once Windows itself wants the change (change already in process) you will have to follow through and change.

Change, restart, change back to 4 characters and restart again. This work for a local account.

For a Microsoft Account, once changed to 6 digits it cannot be changed back to 4 digits.

Length of PIN

... make sure you are using a local account because for Microsoft Account it should be a minimum of 6, try to restart the PC as well before trying.

  • Just tried this, but I can't change it back. Windows still says the pincode needs to be 6 characters long, even though it was 4 characters long initially. Oct 6, 2023 at 15:05
  • 1
    I amended my post. For a local account you can change back to 4 but for a Microsoft Account the PIN length cannot go back to 4 so you are likely out of luck.
    – John
    Oct 6, 2023 at 15:09

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