While developing a web app, I need to check what cookies the site sent to browser (Chrome), so "Customize > Options > Under the hood > Content Settings > Cookies > Show cookies and other site data" is too many clicks.

I haven't found a keyboard shortcut to get to that page. If there's none, do you know of an extension that would solve this issue?

Thank you.


Just came up with a good close enough solution while looking for a keyboard shortcut for cookies myself.

Right click on address bar edit search engines.., under other search engines you can add urls and keywords. once you add something here, later when you type in the keyword in address bar of tab it will take you to the URL you enter in the edit search engine.

I use it as a keyboard shortcut to get to favourite websites. Now in the "edit search engine" add url chrome://settings/siteData and any keyword you want , ex: "ck". once you enter that go to a new tab and type "ck" in address bar it will take you to cookie directly. In that page, tab x3 will let you highlight "remove all" and then hit enter to confirm. Then tab x3 again to highlight "clear all" and enter to confirm.

  • Many thanks @ravi, jsejcksn (and OverTheRainbow.) This is such a useful tip. I often delete individual cookies & getting to "All cookies and site data" was a super annoying process. I still don't get what good those Other search engines are, but I'm sure I'll find additional uses for this shortcut functionality. – sarah Mar 2 '19 at 19:18

Closest I've gotten so far is ++J (or Ctrl+Alt+J) to open Inspector/Console without needing to inspect an element and then +] or Ctrl+] a couple times to get to Resources, but then I still have to click Cookies.

Another option ++J (to open Console), then type document.cookieEnter and get a string dump of the current domain's cookies. Next time you need it, just hit Up Arrow once Console has focus to recall previous command and the Enter.


Don't the developer tools in Chrome (by default) allow you to see cookies, XML HTTP Requests, POST's, etc? Right-click anywhere on a web page and click "Inspect Element"

Once you've enabled resource tracking, the Storage tab lets you check out cookies

  • Yes, the Developer Tools Storage page will show cookies. You can get to the Developer Tools with Ctrl+Shift+I; right click, Inspect element; or Page menu, Developer, Developer tools. (You only need to enable Resource Tracking to use the Resources page. The Storage page always works.) – Bavi_H Aug 28 '10 at 3:03
  • 1
    Thanks but those require using the mouse. I was looking for a faster way. It looks like Chrome doesn't support this, and no extension is available. – OverTheRainbow Aug 29 '10 at 10:08

Consider use of external applications for viewing cookies of Google Chrome. My favorite apps are CookieSpy and ChromeCookiesView. CookieSpy shows cookies for many browsers while ChromeCookiesView can do more with cookies.


I have used AutoHotKey for automating things like this and also reloading Chrome Extensions as I am developing them.

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