When I start up a Terminal window on macOS, the following text scrolls by in the frame header:

terminal init

I recognize a few of my brew'd packages like pyenv in there, as well as some basic posix packages, but I'm not sure of where its all coming from.


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As someone said in the comments, they are the programs being run by your startup scripts. You can also control what the terminal title is using:

# Set terminal window and tab/icon title
# usage: title short_tab_title [long_window_title]
# See: http://www.faqs.org/docs/Linux-mini/Xterm-Title.html#ss3.1
# Fully supports screen, iterm, and probably most modern xterm and rxvt
# (In screen, only short_tab_title is used)
# Limited support for Apple Terminal (Terminal can't set window and tab separately)
function title {
    # forked from OMZ, see https://superuser.com/a/344397/856545 for setting tab and window separately
    emulate -L zsh
    setopt prompt_subst

        [[ "$EMACS" == *term* ]] && return

        # if $2 is unset use $1 as default
        # if it is set and empty, leave it as is
        : ${2=$1}

        case "$TERM" in
                print -Pn "\e]2;$2:q\a" # set window name
                print -Pn "\e]1;$1:q\a" # set tab name
                print -Pn "\ek$1:q\e\\" # set screen hardstatus
                if [[ "$TERM_PROGRAM" == "iTerm.app" ]]; then
                    print -Pn "\e]2;$2:q\a" # set window name
                    print -Pn "\e]1;$1:q\a" # set tab name
                    # Try to use terminfo to set the title
                    # If the feature is available set title
                    if [[ -n "$terminfo[fsl]" ]] && [[ -n "$terminfo[tsl]" ]]; then
                        echoti tsl
                        print -Pn "$1"
                        echoti fsl
    } >/dev/tty

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