I downloaded Strawberry Perl and also downloaded a standalone Net::Telnet module as FTP is blocked by a firewall.

The Telnet module is a .tar.gz file. How should I install it in Windows XP?

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Short term solution:

Untar it, perl Makefile.PL and make test install.

On Strawberry Perl you should have ptar if you lack tar, and nmake if you lack make.

If perl Makefile.PL returns missing prerequisites, be sure to install those first (same way: download module, untar it, etc).

Long term solution:

  • Use CPAN::Mini in a place with FTP/HTTP access to mirror CPAN to a USB stick or shared directory
  • Instruct CPAN to use the location of the mounted USB stick/shared directory to use as source for CPAN modules (see the CPAN::Mini docs for how to do this)
  • Keep your "minicpan" up to date regularly, and
  • Use cpan/cpanm/cpanplus to install modules

The Padre on Strawberry Perl distribution now includes Net::Telnet as well. http://padre.perlide.org/download.html but the more generic solution is what @mfontani wrote.


Try this:

ptar zxf Net-Telnet-3.03.tar.gz
cd Net-Telnet-3.03
perl Makefile.PL
dmake test
dmake install
  • I'm getting errors while trying this at the dmake step. Details are in this question – Omar Mar 3 '18 at 16:16

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