What USB header supports the full 80Gbps of USB4 Gen 4 SuperSpeed 80Gbps? I have only been able to find PCIe cards with the USB Type C ports but no headers. Can the 40 pin header do this or is there a different header for it?

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    The chipset not necessary the header is what determines if USB 4 2.0 80 Gbps is supported. I am unaware of any motherboard on that market that supports USB 4 2.0 80 Gbps. The appropriate chipsets to supports 80 Gbps were not even expected till after Q1 2024 in 2023.
    – Ramhound
    Commented Jan 10 at 15:43

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Existing hardware will probably be backward compatible, but speeds will be capped for older hardware. As a result, some manufacturers have began to market their hardware as "Supports USB4 Gen2", but speeds will not reach the maximum speed of USB4 Ver 2 80Gbps (or 120Gbps), if both hardware/devices do not natively support USB4 Ver2. Also, according to this, the USB4 Version 2 standard is still under compliance test specification, so headers information and details are not yet available as of todays date. The USB4 Ver 2 is the specification that supports up to 120 Gbps (80Gbps one-way and 40Gbps the other way) if configured asymmetrically. One can expect manufacturers may be close to releasing native USB4 80Gbps (or 120Gbps) capable hardware/devices later in 2024.


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