SysInternals' RamMap has a "Processes" table:

2024-01-10 V11-Encor RamMap - Processes

Possible to get this table (or anything resembling it, allowing to attribute "Page Table" usage to specific entities) via PowerShell?

(Related question and context: PowerShell: what's responsible for large "page table" in Windows?)

P.S. SysInternals Handle and Process Monitor (aka "ProcMon") can output this information, including via CLI, making it possible to, say, create a CSV table with the needed info. The question however focuses on doing it in PowerShell and necessary system calls vs. any external utilities.

  • You can run ProcMon from a PowerShell window the same way you would from a CMD window. Have you tried doing this? If so, how does that fail to meet your needs? Commented Jan 18 at 22:23
  • sysinternals handle does (meet the needs) - yet because we want to collect this info on multiple remote systems, the ideal way to do this is via PS and system calls only, w/o resorting to any external utilities - see the "P.S." in the question... Commented Jan 18 at 22:57
  • Can you specify the information that RamMap gives that Get-Process does not provide? You appear to be asking us to read between a lot of lines here. Commented Jan 19 at 0:01
  • Also, to address a comment you left on the answer I deleted: RAMMap's Processes tab shows information on running processes. To address the other comment: The Get-Processes cmdlet does return something "resembling it". You have failed so far to specify precisely what information you require, have expected us to make broad assumptions and do a lot of further study to guess at information you should have included in your question. Please EDIT your question to make it more clear. Commented Jan 19 at 0:04
  • wish there was a way to block abusive users... unsure how to answer? move on to the next question. Question seems vague? Pass. Unfamiliar terms, unfamiliar with the topic of Windows memory management, need to brush up on what handles are? Definitely stay out, and don't try to answer - as opposed to blaming everything on the asker. SMH. Commented Jan 19 at 15:54


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