I'm struggling to get my son’s PC working again. The motherboard is a Gigabyte H410M H V2 (rev 1.7).

Okay, so a new GPU required a new PSU which required a new motherboard which required a new casing, so yeah, not feeling brilliant.

Triple-checked cabled which seems correct but no fans spinning, no action what so ever.

So to the questions.

  • Can a motherboard somehow be validated without CPU/RAM/HDD just to make sure it's not dead? (can't find a single status led on the motherboard. The PSU (validated on another motherboard) won't start on power-on.
  • Not sure if the motherboard supports CPU. Socket 1200, CPU i5-11400F. The Gigabyte site says "(Please refer "CPU Support List" for more information.)" but can't find the link.
  • No fans spinning on power up usually means PSU not working.
    – harrymc
    Feb 8 at 21:08

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The Gigabyte H410M H V2 (rev 1.7) supports:

(...) 10th Generation Intel® Core™ i9 processors/Intel® Core™ i7 processors/Intel® Core™ i5 processors/Intel® Core™ i3 processors/Intel® Pentium® processors/Intel® Celeron® processors in the LGA1200 package

The Intel® Core™ i5-11400F is a 11th Generation Intel CPU.

So no, it won't work in that motherboard, according to the vendor.



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