I have an up-to-date Windows 10 HyperV instance stored on my SSD drive (C:), and I would like to use the 'Backup and Recovery' feature to store an image of the VM on my HDD (D:).

Right-clicking on my D: drive on the host machine:

Properties > Sharing > Advanced Sharing > [X] Share this folder (select this box)

It is now accessible over the network, and I can add it to my HyperV VM by right-clicking in the File Explorer (in the VM) under 'This PC' and selecting 'Add a network location' and entering \\myHostMachine\D.

In the Backup and Restore applet (in the VM), click Set up backup which will display this window:

set up backup

Select Save on a network to get the Select a network location prompt:

select a network location

In the Network Location box I enter \\myHostMachine\D, which I have verified is working above. I can even select it using the Browse prompt under the Network directory. I enter my Microsoft account credentials (used on the host machine), which I know works because I also use them when I connect through Microsoft Remote Desktop.

Upon clicking Okay, it attempts to set up and then displays the specified network location cannot be used error (0x80070544):

specified network location cannot be used

I tried creating a VHD on my D: drive and sharing+backing up to there, but that also did not work. Is this not a supported use case, or am I messing something up in my setup?


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