Does anyone knows which are these systems that manages paid wifi networks and some hotels and airports?

Even better, would anyone know a open/free project that would do or could be adapted to that end?

The idea is simple, I want to let the network open at physical level so anyone can connect. After connected however, the clients would have access only to a specified page where they can logging in, and doing the necessary validations the router would allow these of those ports (or even everything) for his IP.

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Depending on the wireless router that you use, you can flash the device to DD-WRT and use it as a hotspot. There is an option already built in to use the AnchorFree software and appears to work similar to what hotels provide: paid service wireless. For a tutorial and how to setup a router that's already flashed to DD-WRT with the AnchorFree service look here: This utilizes two separate routers, one for home setup and the second for the "hosted" wifi.

One of the new features of the DD-WRT v24 firmware is a HotSpot Revenue generator called: AnchorFree. This posts an ad generated in a frame at the top of the browser window, through AnchorFree's network of advertisers. When someone clicks on the ad, the person hosting the router gets a little chunk of change from the click.

Flashing the router depends on the router make and model. Check out the DD-WRT website for more info on that.

If AnchorFree isn't exactly what you are looking for, built in the DD-WRT is also SputNik:

SputnikNet is the super-flexible, web-based management and captive portal authentication system for Wi-Fi hotspots and hotzones. Manage one or thousands of hotspots with SputnikNet. SputnikNet enables you to:

  • auto-provision Wi-Fi access points (APs) by plugging them into broadband
  • manage Wi-Fi APs centrally, over a secure Web connection
  • design captive portals with your brand
  • authenticate users and devices for free or paid Wi-Fi
  • track usage by access point and Wi-Fi end user

It appears that SputNik might be the closest to what you are looking for. Here is a how to in using sputnik. You can also purchase a sputnik ready device, instead of flashing the router yourself.

  • as an alternative to flashing a router with custom firmware, which usually voids its warranty, by running a linux distro as a router/captive portal between your modem and your wifi access points, such as zeroshell.org/hotspot-router Mar 13, 2016 at 0:20

Depending on what you're talking about the feature is called either Captive Portal or 802.1x / RADIUS authentication. They do different things, but both fit your question description. There are a number of systems that support both or either option.

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    It should be pointed out that Captive Portal and 802.1x / RADIUS are completely different technologies (not just two names for the same thing). They could both solve the problem, though.
    – sleske
    Aug 31, 2010 at 18:20

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