I only want to play one single video that I have selected to play from my listing in Download or other file location. I don't want to be presented with a list of other videos that I have watched in the past or have other videos start playing automatically when the selected video is finished. How do I prevent this from happening and just watch a single video and nothing else until I choose to watch another single video instead? I'd appreciate any advice on this as it is very distracting and annoying having random videos that I may have watched months ago and no longer have any interest in pop up and start playing.

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the playlist function can't be deactivated 100%, but we can change the way it behaves.

The settings in these screenshots should do the trick:

Potplayer playlist settings

These settings will do the following:

*Stop Potplayer from remembering recently played files in the "Default Playlist".

*Stop Potplayer from autoPLAYING the next file/s in the folder.

*Stop Potplayer from listing your recently played files next to your "Favourites"- list.

*Stop Potplayer from autoLOADING the previous + next file.

*Stop Potplayer from playing similar/same type of file in playfolder.

Hope this makes it work the way you wanted.

Best of luck :-)

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  • Thanks for your response, RunHen. I followed your suggestions and it now works exactly the way I want. Pot Player is a powerful and versatile video player, but configuration is quite complex and I appreciate you steering me through the maze of configuration options! Apr 3 at 22:57

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