I want to write something like


That would work in both Windows 32 and 64-bit versions


  1. %ProgramFiles% points to the 32 bit program files folder only in 32bit Windows
  2. %ProgramFiles(x86)% points to the 32 bit program files folder only in 64bit Windows (it doesn't exist in 32-bit Windows)

Is there any Windows Environment variable that always point to the 32 bit program files folder, regardless of the Windows version?


You can always add %ProgramFiles(x86)% to the 32bit Windows platforms. You can use a simple command line to add it:

Set ProgramFiles(x86) = "C:\Program Files"

Then you have consistency across platforms.


Since you told me what it is for, I would do something like this for your instructions:

1 - Change to the directory for the program. 

2 - open a command prompt 

3a - type "cd %programfiles(x86)%" 

3b - If  you receive the error "The system cannot find the path specified", 
     go to step 3c.  Otherwise go to 4. 

3c - type "cd %programfiles%" 

4 - Other stuff
  • You're right, but I need a solution that would work out of the box. – Jader Dias Sep 1 '10 at 13:25
  • 1
    What are you using this for? I ask because if you are writing a script or installer, or a batch file, it is trivial to add this variable: IF %ProgramFiles(x86) == "" SET ProgramFiles(x86) = "C:\Program Files" – JNK Sep 1 '10 at 13:29
  • I'm putting this path in the web as instructions to a not-so-smart audience – Jader Dias Sep 1 '10 at 13:48
  • In that case, I would say make it a 2-part step. See edit to my answer. – JNK Sep 1 '10 at 13:52

My first solution is:

  if "%ProgramFiles(x86)%" == "" (
    echo Win x86
    set PRGFILES=%ProgramFiles%
  ) else (
    echo Win x64
    set PRGFILES=%ProgramFiles(x86)%
  echo 1: %PRGFILES%

The above solution caused some problems on first testing. It seemed like the ")" character in %ProgramFiles(x86)% caused end of if. Therefore secondary solution:

  if "%ProgramFiles(x86)%" == "" set PRGFILES=%ProgramFiles%
  if not "%ProgramFiles(x86)%" == "" set PRGFILES=%ProgramFiles(x86)%
  echo 2: %PRGFILES%

Tested only on Win 7 x64 and Win XP (x86).

According to my test it is better to use custom temporary environment variable and do not use direct the program files variables (above mentioned problems).

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