I'm trying to install Bitcoin Knots, but the process of key validation is new to me.

What I did:

I get this error:

Verified ‘bitcoin-26.1.knots20240325-win64-setup-unsigned.exe’ with ‘SHA256SUMS.asc’: The data could not be verified.

What am I doing wrong?

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You're verifying the wrong file – SHA256SUMS.asc is a signature for the SHA256SUMS file, not for any of the individual installer files (which the program's publishers have decided not to sign).

Verify the SHA256SUMS file using GnuPG, and if that passes, then use any hash calculator app to verify the SHA-256 of the installer. (Linux has sha256sum -c to check against a list of hashes.)

  • Ok, sorry for the noob question but I only have the SHA256SUMS.asc file. If I click "Decrypt/Verify" and select that file I get another popup to select another file. Not sure what I need to do there? And I'm on Windows which does not seem to have sha256sum -c
    – Adam
    Mar 30 at 18:25
  • Then download the SHA256SUMS file from the same place as the other two files: bitcoinknots.org/files/26.x/26.1.knots20240325 Mar 30 at 18:27
  • Thanks. So I downloaded this file: bitcoinknots.org/files/26.x/26.1.knots20240325/SHA256SUMS to SHA256SUMS.txt. When I then verify I get: Verified ‘SHA256SUMS.txt’ with ‘SHA256SUMS.asc’: The data could not be verified. Signature created on Wednesday, March 27, 2024 01:47:17 With unavailable certificate: ID: 0x1A3E761F19D2CC7785C5502EA291A2C45D0C504A You can search the certificate on a keyserver or import it from a file.
    – Adam
    Mar 30 at 20:04

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