i have SuSE10 SP2 installed. I have started the ssh daemon and iam able to login locally on the server but when i try to connect remotely using putty i get connection refused error. I have disabled the firewall on suse. and also i am able to telnet remotely some how ssh is denied.

did i miss some ssh configuration?

please help.

kind Regards jc


We will need more information, for example, the content of sshd_config (eg., /etc/ssh/sshd_config) file, and the state of the server IP tables ("iptables -L" ran as root or through sudo).

A couple of things that worked for me in the past:

  • Do you have a router between your computer and the server? Is it blocking port 22? Is your ISP blocking port 22?

  • Try another port by changing the Port directive in your sshd config file and restarting your sshd daemon:

    Port 2222

  • Are you using TCP wrappers (e.g., what do you see in /etc/hosts.allow)? This is independent of the firewall.

  • As a previous user mentioned, are you trying to log as root (not recommended, but then, you need "PermitRootLogin yes")?

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  • I had this problem recently and I just needed to forward port 22 in the router, although if I did it again I would use a non-standard port (automated attacks started within 8 hours). @JHC Make sure root isn't allowed to ssh, or even better allow only one specific account ssh access. – Syntax Error Sep 3 '10 at 2:26

I also had the exact same problem. According to tcpdump the packets were arriving at the host on port 22. Put sshd server into debug mode, there were no requests being received.

Turned out to be the firewall that was blocking it. Used YaST to fix it.

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If you try log in into "root" account you may need change "PermitRootLogin" option to yes (in sshd_config). Try also run ssh with debug (e.g. ssh -vvv ...) maybe there you will find some hints. Did you check system logs?

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Check your firewall configuration. Your server may be blocking inbound connection attempts.

Specifically, check the configuration of iptables. Be sure it's permitting TCP connections on port 22.

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