I'm trying to connect to a Windows Server 2022 cloud-hosted machine using a remote desktop connection.

How do I force rdp to connect without any domain name? Or without having to create an Active Directory?

We are running GCWP throughout the whole company and have a Google Workspace.

Hope to read some great solutions

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Open your Remote Desktop Connection (mstsc).

In the addressbar, type in the hostname and port as you would do normally.

Append /admin to the address.

For example, if your server is located at myrdpserver.com:12389 you would type: myrdpserver.com:12389 /admin

This will connect you to the console as if you are a local user. Supply the login credentials as follows (in this example, the username is Administrator):

Username: .\Administrator
Password: ************

And login.

Do note, without a terminal server role and license, you are limited to having 2 concurrent connections before you have to log out someone, if you have more than one users. If you only have one user, you simply take over eachother's session.

  • Thank you for the assistance will try it. We have 30 RDP licenses Commented Jul 11 at 13:05
  • If you have 30 CAL licenses for RDP usage, you should definitely install the Terminal Server role, after which the above will no longer be necessary.
    – LPChip
    Commented Jul 11 at 13:06

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