well I looked at the similar Qs but they were all about counting words not characters, is there a way to do this? or if not Are there any plug-ins for this purpose?

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    The word count window shows character count as well (Word 2007).
    – JaHei
    Sep 5 '10 at 9:54

In Word 2010 and 2007, to get to the word count window you click on "Words: ###" At the bottom of every document.

This Window then shows you the various word and character counts.

This can also be found under the 'Review' tab.

alt text

In Word 2003 you need to go to Tools > Word Count and the Word Count window then appears.

alt text

Hope that helps.


Another easy way to count characters in a word (or any other document) is to copy and paste it into an online character counter tool like http://www.charactercountonline.com


With the help of online character count tool, you can easily count your characters and words.

Just copy your content and paste on the text-area of this tool and its count characters automatically.

To get most of this tool, install Counting Characters Chrome Extension.

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