I have the ssh client on my Mac set up to connect using a certificate to a remote linux server.

I'm trying to get my browser to surf through the remote server using a local ssh socks proxy.

The command I issue is the simple:

ssh -D 9999 [email protected]

When I change my Firefox proxy settings to localhost on port 9999 (for all protocols), pages load completely blank with no error message or hint what is going wrong.

However, if I change the system's proxy settings (through system preferences->network->advanced->proxies) to SOCKS 5 with localhost and port 9999, Safari can surf perfectly via the remote server.

Any ideas what's the problem and how I can get Firefox to work properly in this setup?

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It's only a SOCKS proxy, not HTTP/SSL/FTP/Gopher as well. Try telling Firefox about the proxy only in the SOCKS setting.


Nerdling is right, you are probably using the same settings for all protocols.

Try unchecking the box, enter localhost/9999 for the SOCKS host, and either leave the HTTP proxy host empty or set the port number for it to 0.

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