I am moving two flat screen monitors (one 19" and the other 17") 300 miles to my university flat. The car will be full of other items, so I can't do what I normally do which is to lay them on the back seats. The main concern I had was that they didn't get damaged (scratched) in transport.

My current idea is to wrap them in a duvet and then put the duvet in a binbag. Is that overkill or does anyone have any better suggestions?


The best way to transport them is in the original packaging. Failing that, your method is acceptable provided nothing can strike the large surface.

  • If possible move them in their original packaging

  • If you don't have the original then you may put a thick blanket or a piece of cardboard (tape it to their sides) on the screen and move them in some box

  • Try to fill the empty space in box with thermocol if possible

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