I'm doing some development, a Java app that communicates via HTTP. The log4j isn't helping me much so I'd like to see the actual HTTP Request that I am creating once it gets sent out.

I know that in the Windows world I use a packet sniffer for this. Sometimes I'm surprised by what OS X can do out of the box - can it do this?

If not, what's a good packet sniffer on OS X?

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turns out that tcpdump is an easy way to do it out of the box.

  • you probably need to run as root. There are a couple ways to get access. I set my root password.
    – benc
    Aug 18, 2009 at 1:35


This is the best one I have used so far. I do not know of anything that is available "right out of the box" though.

  • "I do not know of anything that is available "right out of the box"" tcpdump, which ships with the OS.
    – user164970
    Oct 9, 2013 at 16:19

HTTPScoop does perfectly the job for simple http sniffing.

Although a bit old fashion looking still worth to mention Eavesdrop for general basic sniffing

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