How can I place three monitors in parallel? There is one DVI output on the graphics card. How have the output displayed on three monitors simultaneously?

What extra hardware is required?

Apparently I needed to look for a "DVI-splitter."


We bought a (VGA) display extender that takes the video + audio signals over up to 95m of Cat 5. As an added bonus, the receiver end of the kit has 4 outputs that can be used simultaneously so this kind of approach may be viable if the displays all need to be close to each other.

A Google search for "DVI extender 4 port" also brings up a lot of kit.


i believe a matrox triplehead-2-go is able to do this. What you're looking for is called sceeen "cloning" or "cloned" mode of operation.

  • Thank you. I looked at that card, but it's overkill, since I only need to have the same signal sent to three monitors, not different signals to each. – Domus Sep 15 '10 at 22:39

As explained in this excellent post by Jeff, you'll require another PCI video card for a new monitor. Note that you could get a dual-headed video card, so you'll need only one more card for your extra monitors.

As Jeff notes, make sure you check this Multi-Monitor FAQ, and search their compatibility database to ensure that your new video card will work.

  • Not when I want the same signal on three monitors. My use of "parallel" was unfortunate. – Domus Sep 15 '10 at 22:38

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