I have the following setup at home:

  1. Switch
  2. Wireless ADSL 3Com router connected to internet through ISP and connected to a switch
  3. Another wireless 3G router connected to the switch as well

The reason i am having 2 routers is to simply to extend the WiFi coverage.

The configuration is as follows:

  1. 3Com IP gateweay DHCP enabled -

  2. 3G router IP gateweay DHCP disabled

This setup is working extremely fine and i can connect from anywhere at home either wired or wireless to the internet.

My question is : Since i have 3G internet connection on the 3G router and i am currently making no use of it. Is there a setup to have 3G internet as automatic backup for the main internet connection, without having to change the gateway address on all machines.


Because you are using the pair of routers to extend wifi coverage I presume they are not close to each other, which complicates things. My ideal solution would be to use a Draytek 2800G wireless-enabled ADSL router (second hand on Ebay approx 50UKP and sell your other kit) or a (new) Draytek 2820n (a bit pricey) as they directly support a 3G stick (check the compatibility list) for failover. If you need to extend wifi coverage you could do this with a wired or powerline link to a basic Access Point.

Using the current kit will require some form of intermediate load balancer or failover detection system, which could be PC-based but if you are going down the route of extra kit this may cost you anyway unless you have a spare PC to hand - and you're going to end up with 3 bits of equipment all consuming electricity, which will probably cost you more in the long run.

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