I'm using Mac OS X 10.6.4 and it comes with a lot of Applications that I never use such as iWeb, iPhoto, iDvd ... I was wondering if I could delete those apps safely without causing too much trouble. Thanks for your help


Dragging them to the Trash should work in most cases. Some of these apps leave some trails behind (like video samples and templates). Have a look at /Library (not ~/Library !) and sort it out for yourself (Tip: the files are usually stored in a folder named after the App!).

Using tools such as AppCleaner oder PackageAssistant may help you with this, too.


The apps you mentioned are all part of iLife, which is an optional package. So yes, it would be safe to delete them, the system will work fine. I would suggest using AppCleaner or similar app to clean all of the apps' files.


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