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Log viewer on Windows

Does anyone know a good log tail viewer for Windows?


There is a port of tail to windows called Tail for Win32 which I haven't used, but I have used BareTail quite a bit for log monitoring and it works very well.

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Going in to Event Viewer and sort via the date column?

As for command prompt, you do not say what version of Windows you are using. Since Windows Server 2003, you have the script eventquery.vbs which you can script against, but this is only on the server editions.

If you can run Powershell, there is a nice commandlet you can run called get-winevent.

I hope this helps, but I am not really sure of any other built in tools that can do this.

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I prefer BareTail and BareTailPro by Bare Metal Soft. You can highlight lines that contain certain strings and it is very quick to get going.

You can also use Cygwin, a Linux-style commmand prompt tool, which has tail built in.

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