I am using GNU/Linux Ubuntu 10.4 ... the "GNU" should keep Richard Stallman happy; and reasonably so :)

The file browser, Nautilus, generates "reading-friendly" names for files which are copied into their own source directory. The result of copying MyFile three times is:

MyFile (3rd copy)
MyFile (another copy)
MyFile (copy)

These above result is a list which is chronologically out of sequence.
Is there some way to change this behaviour, so the the resulting filenames are like this:


All suggestions are welcome, thanks.

PS. I don't want to sort by created or modified-date.


I don't know how to change that behavior, but usually such repetitive operations are better performed with scripting.

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    (my username seems to have gone walkabout, but anyhow..) Re. scripting... Well, I realize that the Linux mind-set is quite creative with names, eg. the classic "GNU"... and I actualy think that "(another copy)" is quite amusing, but it doesn't suit me. Also, being Linux, there may well be an underlying normal geeky-numbers-only logic, with this version as a mod... I hope so... Yes, the scripting would work, but I'd still prefer an integrated solution. Even Windows Explorer's demented magic-sort algorithms have an "off" registry setting. Maybe Ubuntu has a similar Off-switch. (else Python?) – Peter.O Sep 19 '10 at 19:53
  • If so, maybe you should try messing around with gconf-editor. – cYrus Sep 19 '10 at 20:40

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