I've spent the last 14 days on git and gitosis problems. I did always find a way around my problems but now I'm stuck. To briefly summarize the situation:

I have setup gitosis, created a project and I can check in and out of it. Then I added another uses, giving him access to the project by adding him to gitosis.conf, but he can not even clone project. Then I added yet another user for the same project (following same procedure), he has access to everything (clone, pull and push). Finally, I added one more user who can not do anything either.

I could live with all of this, because I have access to work on the project.

Now I have added a new project, or have I? To my best believe, I have done everything the exact same way as with the first project.

I do not get a repository in the repository folder on my server (when doing "git remote add..." and push). I have tried following ALL the guides google gave me on "how to create a new repository gitosis" (is up to page 7 before not ALL hits are marked as visited).

I have also tried to follow a different path, starting with "git init --bare" on the server, and then try to clone it. Didn't work either.

I get the following error no matter what I try: ERROR: gitosis.serve.main: Repository read access denied fatal: The remote than hung up unexpectedly

(But it works fine for accessing gitosis-admin and my first project)

Then I read about debugging of gitosis. I have tried with -v, --verbose and adding LogLevel = DEBUG in gitosis.conf, none of these give me extra information.

Project setup gitosis.conf:

[group project]
writable = project
members = me
LogLevel = DEBUG

To my best believe, everything is done the exact same way, as I did when setting up my first project.

I'm really stuck, how do I proceed now?

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This isn't really a proper answer to your question, but I recommend you switch to using gitolite instead of gitosis.

Gitosis is deprecated and isn't being developed anymore, so if bugs are found they will likely never be fixed. Gitolite was created as a gitosis replacement with far better features, debugging, and troubleshooting abilities.


LogLevel DEBUG goes in the "gitosis" block:

LogLevel = DEBUG

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