Is there any free or opensource software for synchronizing (sending/creating sms, creating/editing calender events, add/edit contacts etc.etc.) your android phone with windows xp (sp 2 or later) using bluetooth on your computer?

I use a samsung phone (I5801) having android v2.1 eclair in it.

I have used samsung kies but it supports only usb connection mode and is very heavy on system resources too.

While searching for such application I came across this application named The missing sync for android, which is exactly what I wanted but it is a paid one (not even a try version is available).


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Found the answer after so many days.

The best in the class software. MyPhoneExplorer.

Earlier it was only for Sony Ericsson's phone but now it supports android phones too. Great software that syncs most of the things (sms'es, calendars, to-dos).

You will need to install the client software on your android device and it will work through that client software.

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