I've been laptop shopping recently, and I'm intrigued by the Acer Timeline series. It seems to fit somewhere in between "netbook" and "power laptop" performance-wise, and is rated at 8 hours battery life.

I can't seem to find much objective info about the processor in it though: intel SU2700. I know that it's single-core and low-voltage, but how well does it perform? I'd expect it to fall somewhere between an Atom and a Core 2 Duo, but that's a pretty large discrepancy.

I'm interested in:

  • Impressions from someone who has actually used one of these
  • Links to benchmarks
  • Other "objective" performance data. Stuff like "boots vanilla windows 7 25% slower than a C2D."

The Plot Thickens: Looks like you can get the Timeline with either single core (Linked above) or dual-core low-voltage chips. I'm sure relative performance is

Atom < Low Voltage Solo < Low Voltage Duo < Regular Duo

but how far apart are each of these, performance-wise?


Here is a page that shows a comparison of that processor to the Core 2 Duo.


Some Additional Info

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Here's a review of a laptop with a related processor, the SU3500. The conclusion is that the laptop bridges the gap between netbook and ultra-portable, but from the included benchmarks, I'd be thinking slightly faster than a netbook, but far far far below a standard Core 2 Duo laptop.

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