My friend recorded some videos on his camcorder, and the one I want to convert is 1.66gb, 1440x1080, 6 audio channels. I want to shrink this down to something like 480x360, and 2 audio channels... or anything small enough that I can upload it to facebook/youtube. I also want to crop out a section of it.

I tried ffmpeg, winff, 'any video converter', virtualdub, and picasa. ffmpeg and winff really don't like the 6 audio channels, and throw weird errors when I try slicing the video, 'any video converter' did convert the movie but de-synced the audio, virtualdub refuses to open the file (bad file format), and ... well picasa has to crop functionality, but can't crop it until i convert it (plus, I haven't the slightest clue where it outputs the files to).

There are about 18 billion video converters out there when I search, and they all have free downloads... but which ones will (a) actually convert my file into a usable format, and (b) not install spamware/only convert the 10 seconds, or something else stupid?

I'm running windows 7.


I'm using the heck out of HandBrake. It's my favorite by far. it will convert MTS.

I'm running Win8 /8.1 now. Used it all the time in 7 as well.


Give MediaCoder a shot. It should do what you want with a few clicks.

  • hahaha..that site is one of the most unnavigable sites i've seen.. downloads > get media coder > edition > version > mirror... should have been one click from the homepage :p but oh well, i'll give this a shot. – mpen Sep 28 '10 at 23:00
  • nope...this one failed too. first time i tried the video ran at half the speed it should have, and the audio was out of sync, second time it just threw an error. – mpen Sep 28 '10 at 23:27

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