Wondering if it is possible to change the MAC address of a WiMAX USB adapter (read WiMAX, not Wi-Fi) manufactured by Motorola, ZTE, Intel etc. I've tried a few tools that did changed the MAC address of the adapter to another valid MAC address (that I coped from another equipment made by same company) but then I was not able to connect to the network, the connection software took long time stating "obtaining IP address"; then few seconds after it got one said "lost IP address". Wondering if changing MAC address of such devices actually work.


It is possible to change the MAC address with the motorola WiMax dongles that use the Motorola Connection manager. There is a hidden menu, and it can be changed in there. I don't remember the exact command to change it, and I don't have the software installed currently, but to access the hidden menu, go to the Profiles menu then hit: Ctrl + Shift + Alt + ~

Also, Intel only makes internal cards. It is not possible(unless you have the development tools, that are only available for intel employees) to change the mac.


It is quite surprising that you would want to change the MAC for your USB Adapter.
Is there a good reason for attempting that?

However, it is a very interesting requirement (for whatever reason) and I am intrigued to know if this can be done. I think it cannot be done -- unless the manufacturer introduced a low-level path to support that maybe... and, what need would that be based on?

There is one discussion on the subject at this Ubuntuforums thread,
USB Wi-Fi Adaptor for MAC Address Change
See if it helps you.
One suggestion is to check the manufacturer site for supporting instructions or software.
ps: one more reference on the same lines.

If they gave you a complementary USB Adapter for the service, they should have a mechanism to allow binding both for authentication. They should be able to regulate your access to allow only one at a time. Otherwise the complementary device has no use. Check with them on this.

  • My internet service provider gave me two devices: a regular WiMAX router and a complimentary USB WiMAX adapter (to carry around with my laptop). Now that they've implemented MAC address authentication I was asked to provide MAC address of the "preferred" device so that they can "bind" my account with that MAC address and I cannot therefore use the USB adapter anymore. I need to use the USB device on occasions such as when I am traveling therefore trying to "spoof" the same MAC address as that of the router (but I'll use one device at a time). – Salman A Oct 2 '10 at 11:28

As for Windows, some NIC drivers will let you manually enter a MAC. The Intel NIC driver for my PC does (see pic below). Check the properties of your NIC from the Control Panel\Network and Internet\Network Connections

LAN Properties Dialog

If you can not do it from there, there are other methods. This article gives you some options for a variety of OSs.

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