i wanted to know if there exist a software that can do that?
my card is nvidia 7600GT


You might try NVIDIA nTune :

NVIDIA® nTune is the ultimate utility for accessing, monitoring, and adjusting your system components, including temperature and voltages with clear, user-friendly control panels. Overclock your system for highest performance or underclock it for near silent operation. All changes are performed within the Microsoft® Windows® interface – enabling full functionality without the need to make changes in the BIOS and reboot your system.

  • it works fine but the problem is that after the reboot the frequencies arent saved. is there is a way to save the frequency between reboots? – Karim Oct 2 '10 at 17:20
  • 3
    Don't use that version of nTune. That is the nTune tool from 2007. Even google points to the old one. nVidia has a more recent release of nTune, packaged as "nVidia System Tools", at: nvidia.com/object/nvidia_system_tools_6.06.html , from April 2010. – Cheeso Nov 30 '10 at 18:25

You can use RivaTuner to overclock or underclock.


I prefer nvidiaInspector, because it has a great overview about the most important sensor data and a clean, minimalistic interface. Also you can create desktop shortcuts for different Profiles for fast switching between configurations.

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