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I recently lost all my data on my HD and backup (!!!) including my songs held on iTunes. The tracks are still on my iPod (nano) but if I reinstall iTunes and sync it with my iPod it will wipe my iPod. Obviously I don't want to have to reload all those CD's back onto my computer, so how do I download the tracks from my iPod? I did find a piece of software called MediaWidget but only allows 10 tracks at a time or option to pay for full access. I did try 10 track version but that had a problem syncing it back on to iTunes, so don't want to pay for full version because that may not work either. Any help would be appreciated Many Thanks

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I asked a near identical question and got a couple of answers. Haven't got round to trying them yet.


Have you tried SharePod? You can copy all the files from the ipod to the computer and then import them into itunes. Next: Sync.

  • Thanks to Andygrunt, Andi and NX Wolf for your suggestions. However I have resolved the problem via PodtoPC, did try MediaWidget but that wouldn't work at the final execution. PodtoPC has the freebie element of 10 songs at a time, which is a hassle but it allowed me to prove the s/w worked. So spent the $19 and it worked a dream! Seems ridiculous that Apple don't have this feature within iTunes or any sign of Help within their site. Thanks again for taking the time to respond - Appreciate it. – nick Oct 4 '10 at 14:21

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