I have a KeySonic ACK-540RF+ keyboard with an integrated touchpad, running under XP with all updates. There is no special driver for this keyboard.

I would like to disable tap-to-click, but from what I can see from googling, the only way to do it is through device-specific drivers in the Mouse control panel.

My generic XP mouse driver has no options for tap-to-click. I tried to install a Synaptics driver, but it had no effect (the installation seemed to go fine, but there were no new options in the Mouse control panel).

Is there an XP driver that will work with a generic touchpad? Is there a registry setting for tap-to-click?


Assuming that you want to disable it because you accidentally hit the touchpad whilst you are typing and that no-one else can suggest a better solution, then you may wish to look at TouchFreeze.

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    I do want to disable it because I accidentally touch it, but it's not only when I'm typing -- it's all the time. Still, I'll give TouchFreeze a go -- thanks! – Andrew Swift Oct 6 '10 at 8:46

After waiting a long time for an answer and looking everywhere on the internet, I conclude that this question is unanswerable -- there is no way to disable tap-to-click on a generic touchpad keyboard in Windows XP.

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