I've to install and configure Windows 7 on few laptops and PCs. After I need to apply updates and it will download the same updates again and again for all the different laptop/PC. Instead I would like to download it once and install it on all others.

Is there any way I can do this?

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Say hello to AutoPatcher. Supporting various OS's and software packages it downloads updates from Microsoft's servers to a local disk such as a USB key and that can be transferred from computer to computer to install the updates.

(and the website supports IE)

EDIT: Not sure about 7 support


What I do is to pre-download the larger updates: Any Service Packs, Windows Media Player, DirectX (web), Internet Explorer, .NET 3.5 / 4, etc. and have those available on the network/usb/dvd to speed up the installation. Once those are out of the way, I let Windows Update work the magic for the rest of the missing updates. Seems to be about the best of both worlds for me.

For the MS Office 2007/2010 versions, Microsoft has added a folder to the install directory called Updates that you can drop the various service packs and updates in. While the installer is running, it will automatically include those patches during the install process.


Unfortunately no. You'd have to download all of the individual updates from the website and package them yourself. If you had a Windows Server running, you would be able to use Windows Server Update Services, but it sounds like you're just building out laptops and desktops not on a network.

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