In Word 2007, an obvious candidate for updating all the fields in a range is


But if the range is the element of ActiveDocument.StoryRanges corresponding to the footnotes, endnotes or comments, this triggers a confirmation pop-up “Word cannot undo this action. Do you want to continue?”

What is this pop-up telling me about? How do I get rid of it (if it's not important)?

An obvious workaround is to iterate over the fields and call each field's Update method. It doesn't fire up that question. But if I do this, what do I miss?

following up to How do I update all fields in a Word document


I can't find any explanation of what can't be undone and it seems that you can actually undo these if you have one. It also suggests that setting Application.DisplayAlerts = wdAlertsNone can suppress the error message.

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