I have a wrt54g and a wrt54gs. Both routers are running dd-wrt. What's the optimum way to configure them so that wireless clients can roam between them as they drop in and out of each others' range?

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  • Ensure one router has DHCP turned off and is configured as an access point.
  • Connect the two routers via ethernet using the non-internet ports
  • Give both the same SSID / Security settings but select different channels.

The optimal way is to connect both via ethernet (e.g Cat5e). If you cannot run a cable then consider using powerline adapters. Even a "mid-speed" connection over 100mbps powerline adapters will give you a connection of 30-60mbps, far more than you'll get trying to connect them wirelessly.

Your last resort would be to setup the second router as a WDS (Wireless Distribution Station) where it acts as a wireless repeater. The problems here are that a) every repeater drops the available bandwidth by 50% and b) it needs to be close enough to get a decent signal.


From what I gather from here, https://serverfault.com/questions/33864/how-can-i-set-up-a-single-wireless-network-through-a-number-of-wifi-routers, in your case you need to

  • set up the main one as a router, the other as a bridge (inheriting and passing DHCP)
  • match their SSID's
  • match keys and encryption types (WPA2 AES if you can)
  • assign different channels (like 6 & 11)

Dude I so have that setup, it's cool and pretty easy if you follow this; however, I unlike you, I only have one wireless router running the DD-WRT and my wireless Linksys router connected to the Verizon DSL router-Client mode wireless rocks :-).



You can deploy one as an AP and the other as a Client-Bridge. That is my setup at home.

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