I have lots of designs that I want to put on an image of a blank t-shirt.

Here the steps:

  1. Open T-Shirt image
  2. Open design image onto another layer
  3. Reduce design image to about 40-50%
  4. Position design image to centre on horizontal and about 33% down on vertical.
  5. Save image as a new file
  6. Go back to step one for next image

Is this possible with actions and batching?


Yes, it's possible if all the t-shirt images and all the design images are the same size.

The following instructions are for Photoshop CS4:

Click Window >> Actions.

At the bottom of the Actions window click the Create New Action button. Name it "Merge Designs" or whatever you like.

Click Record and merge one design into one t-shirt. This will presumably involve File >> Open on the t-shirt image, then however you would normally proceed (open, resize, position, etc.).

On the Actions window, click the Stop button (the square).

Click File >> Automate >> Batch.

In the Play section, from whatever Set you stored your action in, select the action. For Source, choose your folder of T-shirt designs. For Destination, pick a new (empty) folder.

Click OK.

I haven't actually tried this, you might have to fiddle with the actions. In particular, I would suggest that having the t-shirt image in the clipboard before starting and simply pasting it will greatly simplify your job (since you will presumably only run this batch once).

Hope that's helpful.

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