I understand that uninstalling applications on Mac requires moving only the .app bundle to the Trash; or manually rummaging through the preferences and application support files for the more non-bundle complicated applications. The manually part is surely a tedious thing to do.

Can you suggest something like CCleaner for Mac? What are good free applications that can do the job?


I use TrashMe to uninstall applications, plug-ins, and preference panes. It can also search for files that are left over from other installations/uninstalls. It is free as well.


Personally, I use Appcleaner, which does what you're looking for. I've been using it for about a year and it does a decent job. It will also all you to uninstall dashboard widgets as well. It's free. Give it a look.


While not free, AppZapper is the tool i've always recommended. The extra functionality of license management and an almost Add/Remove Programs like view is often times nice for switchers.


According to this article

…while AppCleaner will get the job done usually, it's basically a clone of AppZapper. The best option is AppDelete.

Personally I use both AppCleaner and AppDelete and usually I find that one or the other works better for a given application.

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