How to write $Log_general to Log1 and Log2 on both time, without printing anything to screen?

remark: Log1 and Log2 files need to update separately from $Log_general, I don't want to copy Log1 to Log2!!

I tried the following but only Log2 got updated

 echo $Log_general 1>Log1 1>Log2


./my_script.sh 1>Log1 1>Log2

and with the following there was the problem that $Log_general output appears on screen while I aim to write only to the files Log1 and Log2:

 echo  $Log_general | tee -a Log1 Log2

You should be able to use the tee command to pipe output first to one file and stdout, and then the stdout to the second file. Something like:

echo $Log_general | tee Log1 > Log2


I didn't see your edit Jennifer before I posted, but the usage above doesn't output to the screen for me (I'm running cygwin though, rather than a Linux terminal - hopefully the output is the same)

  • not good because I dont want to write log1 in to Log2 (Log2 need to update only by the "echo $Log_general" – jennifer Oct 19 '10 at 12:26
  • Sorry, you've lost me. I thought you wanted to log the output of a command (in this example, echo $Log_general) to two files at the same time, which is what my snippet does. – Ash Oct 19 '10 at 12:31
  • @Ash see my last remark (Log1 > Log2 is illegal Log2 need to update only by the echo...) – jennifer Oct 19 '10 at 12:31
  • @jennifer: Have you tried to run the command I gave? – Ash Oct 19 '10 at 12:32
  • 1
    @jennifer: I don't actually understand your comments here, but based on your use of tee -a, I think what you're after is echo $Log_general | tee -a Log1 >>Log2 (so as to append to each of Log1 and Log2, rather than truncating). – Gilles 'SO- stop being evil' Oct 19 '10 at 21:15
./bash.sh | tee -a /path/to/firstfile 

If you are trying to append the output of a bash script file to a single file, then the above code will work.

./bash.sh | tee -a /path/to/firstfile |tee -a /path/to/secondfile

The second bit of code should work to write the same output to two different files. I'm using Xubuntu and it works for me.

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