I just installed Google Chrome 7, and I am frustrated with the behavior of the bookmarks bar. I am wondering if there are any ways to get the following behaviors:

  1. I would like the bookmarks bar to always be visible, or at least appear when I hover around or click a button.
  2. It doesn't show favicons. (It's a new install, so I think maybe I have to load all the pages for the favicons to load).
  3. I would like to be able to show favicons only, and use the content as a tool-tip, no text (like this): example
  4. The icons should be configurable for each weblink, like in Internet Explorer: example

Based on the accepted answer, if anyone know about an extension that mimics IE's favorites-bar behavior (that at least has the option of "Show Icons Only" and shows the content as tooltips, please lemme know and I give Chrome another chance.

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    Your initial post had been nominated for closing due to subjectivity and lack of a proper question. I edited it in attempt to remove the subjective slant and emphasize the technological questions without the opinions. A clearly worded question without opinions and bias can help you get better answers. Best of luck finding a solution to your problems. – nhinkle Oct 20 '10 at 6:41
  1. Right click the bookmarks bar, select Always show bookmarks bar on a New Tab.

  2. It does show favicons, but if you've imported bookmarks, you may indeed need to access the sites for them to load. You could right click your bookmarks bar and select open all bookmarks. After this they should be retained.

  3. When you add your bookmark, remove the name. This will display the favicon only. I expected a tooltip, but looking now, there may not be one. If it already exists, right click and choose Edit..., then remove the name.

  4. I'm not aware if this is possible.

alt text

  • I guess the most compelling thing (3) will lead me to my conclusion: stick to IE till these requirements are fixed in Chrome. I pretty happy with IE anyway, I just wanted to try out Chrome and see what it is all about. Nah, not for me, and least not now. – Shimmy Weitzhandler Oct 20 '10 at 5:35

For your request for an extension I only found Iconized Bookmarks Popup. I know that isn't exaclty what you're looking for, but maybe it helps you.

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