I've tried the usual suspects like WellGet, NetXfer, wget with some referrer forgery and so on, but I never succeeded.

So the problem is, I want to download the keynotes from Apple, like the current one in HD if available instead of relying on (let's call them) third party sources.


Can somebody help me? Thank you.

PS: Available OSs, Windows, Linux
PPS: I was unable to check iTunes because I don't use that. But if it is available there, please point it out and also the Quality/Resolution if given.


The Apple Keynotes are available on iTunes: Podcasts>Technology>Tech News>Apple Inc. The quality is the same as the stream.


You can add the urls into jDownloader. There you get the .mov files with the stream urls (Open them with notepad). But by now I don't figured out yet how to download these. But maybe that helps you.

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