I'd like to disable NSAPI plugins like QuickTime and Adobe Reader in Opera. How can I do this while leaving specific plugins I /do/ want (e.g. Flash) enabled?

Opera 10.63 on Windows Vista.


The easiest way to disable any plug in from Opera was: just write in the Opera address bar opera:plugins and then you will have all details for installed plugins and the ability to change and disable them.


In opera, paste this into the address bar:


That should allow you to enable/disable plugins, or view the file path of the plugin so it can be deleted from the plugins folder in opera.


Close down Opera and add the dll filename to plugin-ignore.ini. It's in "C:\Program Files\Opera\defaults". You can goto opera:plugins in the address field to see what the filenames are for plug-ins Opera is detecting.

For Opera 11, you can just goto opera:plugins and disable the ones you want right from the UI.

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