I have a Lenovo T400 notebook with Windows XP on it. I usually use the TrackPoint, and almost never use the TouchPad. I do a look of work on Linux over VNC, in my setup the middle mouse button is mapped to "paste".

Considering that the notebook doesn't really have a middle button (it's only a scrolling button) I mapped the unused left button of the TouchPad to be a middle button. However, when I send the computer to Standby and bring it out, the left button reverts to being a left button, not a middle one.

How can I make sure that the mapping persists?


You can turn the scrolling feature of that middle button off, and it becomes the middle click you want. See this question for details: thinkpad middle click

  • The problem isn't how to emulate a middle click. The problem is how to make it persist. The setting keeps on reverting to the default. – Nathan Fellman Sep 8 '09 at 7:08
  • I tried it on my t61p, and it worked fine. Ultranav seems to have been updated for the t400s machines (2.05 June 2009). You may want to try a newer version to see if it fixes the problem. – WireGuy Sep 8 '09 at 10:45

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