I am using an Old Acer Aspire 3683 laptop and my Operating system is Fedora 13. My laptop configurations are as follows:

  • Intel celeron M processor 430 (1.73 GHz, 533MHz, 1MB, L2 cache)

  • Mobile Intel 940 GML Express chipset.

I woud like to know whether i can change my CPU and make it an intel core i3 or i5. Suppose if i can't do it, then can anyone tell me, if i do it, then what all will get effected.


Unfortunately not sorry.
Your socket is not compatible with the i3/i5/i7 range of processors, they use socket LGA 1156, the mobile versions of these processors use µPGA-989 (also different) and your motherboard is socket M. Source

Your upgrade choices are: Source
The fastest socket M processors are Core 2 Duo Mobile T7600 and core 2 Duo Mobile T7600G. The T7600G has unlocked clock multiplier and can be overclocked, but it's very expensive and very difficult to find. If the T7600 / T7600G is too expensive for you then consider upgrading to slower Core 2 Duo Mobile processors. If your motherboard doesn't support Core 2 Duo Mobile CPUs then your best upgrade option is a Core Duo T2700.

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    Note that just because the socket matches doesn't mean the motherboard will support a newer processor. – Shinrai Oct 26 '10 at 14:30

Well, an Intel Celeron M 430 requires an M socket.
Where as a mobile i3 or i5 will require a µPGA-989 socket.
The two are not compatible.

So, you would be unable to even fit either a i3 or i5 to your current motherboard, making attempting this upgrade impossible. This is without even considering if the motherboard chipset could support the suggested processor anyway.

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