I'm using OpenSUSE 11.2 which has Qt 4.5.3.

Can I update its Qt to version 4.6? If yes, how?

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Any reason you want to update? I'd recommend keeping it as it is.

su root && zypper ref && zypper up

should update all your packages. I say all because there are lot of interdependencies on Qt version - I'd probably leave as it is.

  • I'm trying to build a code which was built with version 4.6. Which when I try to build gives me this error: QWSPointerCalibrationData: No such file or directory. And when I try using "#ifdef HAVE_Q_WS_QWS" to prevent this errors, I'm still getting a lot of errors related to it. :) – Owen Oct 27 '10 at 2:53

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