I finished up a LiveMeeting that I recorded. However, when I saved it, it saved everything to a folder with everything separated out. IE: There's an audio file with no video, there's a video file with no audio, and some other random files and folders including a *.trd file at the root directory.

This seems like a kluge and is very weird to me. How do I merge all this into a video that has audio?


Microsoft makes a Recording Convertor for Live Meeting 2007 application that should do this.

Recording Converter for Microsoft Office Live Meeting 2007 is a tool for Office Live Meeting 2007 customers to convert recorded meetings in High Fidelity Presentation (HFP) format into single movie files. The converted movie files can be integrated with a customer's existing learning management system, and edited by using a video editing tool such as Windows Movie Maker, and then viewed on portable devices.

Supported Operating Systems: Windows XP or higher

Live Meeting Requirements: Live Meeting 2007

Application Requirements: .NET Framework 2.0, Windows Media Player 9 or higher

Find more feature and usage details at their product home page.


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