I have a zip file results.zip. It contains two folders that contain a bunch of zip files -- PASS/test1.zip, FAIL/test2.zip, FAIL/test3.zip.

On linux it is trivial to unzip these in a couple of steps:

$ unzip results.zip
$ echo FAIL/*.zip PASS/*.zip | xargs -n1 unzip

Some windows users complain that it is cumbersome to unzip all the files on windows. (There are dozens of zips inside the main zip.) Is there a mechanism that would allow them to expand the contents of all of the files at once?

Some customer boxes are newer, but there are many that are still using WinXP.


Give them unzip.exe and a batch script like

unzip results.zip
for %%i in (FAIL\*.zip PASS\*.zip) do unzip %%i
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Try ExtractNow. I haven't tested this feature myself, but it does claim to support it.

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See this


"Nested archive handling (recursively extract archives that were packed in other archives)."

OS: Windows 2K / XP / 2003 / Vista

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  • This appears to be nonfunctional. Pointed it at a folder with a zip archive as described above (with ~60 archives inside), and it says it extracted 2 archives. No output seen on the disk. – bstpierre Oct 27 '10 at 1:16

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